About the Book "Bitches with Problems"

Bitches With Problems tells the tale of a strong woman who simultaneously resists and embraces the “bitches with problems” scenario as a kind of toxic masculine construct that the women she meets and the woman she becomes must acknowledge, live through, and rise above. Bridget Ryan’s first person account takes ownership over all of the trials, tribulations, traumas, and elations that have challenged her throughout her life.

In poetic form, as well as a very direct, at times conversational style, our protagonist’s words follow an autobiographical route that brings the reader into a present where she both critiques and cherishes the memories – the books the boys the booze and the all ‐ around debauchery. She moves seamlessly from her teens into adulthood, all the time confronting a life of romance, rebound, and recovery.

Helium happy dentists, Ferris Wheels, suave English dudes, and the tableau ‐ like enchantment of ‘five bitches in a pack’ drift through this autobiographical narrative with a powerful and poignant pacing. The poems and stories that make up this overall sequential journey include a cast of truly memorable characters. Nancy, in a see through negligee, and fond of scrabble, wanders through rarified public spaces and simultaneously enchants, befriends, and bewilders the narrator who sees a profoundly unique personality amidst the chaos of Nancy’s fractured identity.

Identities that intersect, beginning with joy and laughter, gradually becoming fractured by tragedy and social pressures, create a complex and direct series of stories and poems that give this memoir all the nostalgic force of the past. A past that contributes to the strength of character of an author present, surviving, and re ‐ counting life events that she moved through with a necessary sense of humour, pathos, and a profound instinct for survival.

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Title – Bitches with Problems

Author – Bridget Ryan

Genre – Short Stories / Canadian

ISBN – 978 ‐ 1 ‐ 927725 ‐ 48 ‐ 1 = 9781927725481

Onix Record Reference # – 001 ‐ HBP ‐ 2016 ‐ 48 ‐ 1 = 001 ‐ HBP2016481

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Pages – 174

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