About Bridget Ryan

Bridget Ryan was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario and spent her formative years crossing the border into Detroit, where many of her stories originate. A tennis pro, a former librarian, York University graduate, and intricate storyteller, her literary roots are planted firmly within a variety of rich traditions from the beat poets to Doro thy Parker, Sylvia Plath and Tennessee Williams.

Born last into a large Irish Catholic family, she excelled in most sports, but found comfort in the solitude of tennis and quickly achieved a provincial ranking.

Through her teens, the suffocation of prim Windsor, forced her over the river and into Detroit where she found the hottest clubs and on many occasions was rewarded with sightings of The Rolling Stones, Patti Smith, and The Ramones.

She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Bachelor of Education in Toronto, Ontario where she has worked as a Librarian, Teacher and a Tennis Pro. Her passion for live music, poetry and literature have led her on many a harrowing soul searching trips.

Her book, Bitches With Problems, is a collection of memories culled from her boisterous travels through addiction, asylums, death and back again

Bio Note: Bridget Ryan was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario across the river from Detroit. Her teenage years saw the glory days of a blossoming alternative pop culture amid the lure of punk rock and Motown.

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